Languages connect

I finished my studies as a German language teacher at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest in 2007. Beside German I am a great fan of Italian language, music and food as well. I worked in Hungary, Germany and Austria so far, my previous job was teaching at the Cheese Language School in Oberwart. For professional and private reasons I am constantly on the move between Hungary, Austria and Italy, so I have decided to start teaching German via Skype.


German language is difficult, but believe me, it can be real fun!

As a language teacher I feel it my duty to provide a perfect learning environment for my students, so that they can reach their goal – a language exam, a new job or study, holiday or deepening a new friendship in a German-speaking country – as soon as possible.

I am trying to help my students to achieve their goals to the best of my knowledge: I am planning every lesson individually according to my students’ demands.

As a result of the careful planning I have the same feeling of success in case any of my students tell me about passing a language exam or about a new job they were wishing for. I am proud of my student, who managed to arrange his affairs at the Jobcentre without the help of an interpreter; and a girl, who – after 1,5 months of intensive learning – passed her A2 exam, which was essential for her to get the Austrian residence permit.

I am not trying to sell you a pig in a poke! – Let’s make an appointment to get to know each other and you can make your decision afterwards. I am going to give you a free trial lesson, so that we can decide together if our common work could be successful in the future.

Grammar, vocabulary, writing and speaking – we are going to make it! 🙂

Alice Avar